LEGO đô thị My thành phố is an trò chơi set in the city of LEGO. In it, you'll need to take part in mini-games that typically ask you khổng lồ serve the forces of order.For example, two of the mini-games put you in control of the police. The first has to vì with catching burglars on foot by running after them in an xuất hiện world, & the second drops you into a high-speed chase along the city streets.In other mini-games you can play with rescue teams lượt thích firefighters, và your objective in these is the same: to lớn save as many LEGO as you can.Naturally, all of these mini-games have made with the humor that is typical of LEGO characters. Thanks khổng lồ that aspect, situations that would normally be serious are sure to make you laugh.LEGO city My đô thị has outstanding graphics, with a màn chơi of detail approaching that in the games available for consoles.

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LEGO city My đô thị is an compilation of mini-games, & though they were designed for, any LEGO tín đồ is sure lớn playing a few rounds.

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